Different Than Ginger

When it comes to growing turmeric, it’s important to know that it behaves a bit differently than ginger, and while some aspects don’t need to be different, it’s good to know what adjustments are needed.

First, turmeric does not eat quite as much as ginger. Although it can be grown in line with ginger, be on the same feed and watering regime, and grow just fine, you don’t need to feed it quite as much if that’s all you’re growing.

Also, turmeric rhizomes grow out and down, so you will not need to hill them as much as the ginger – about 1-2 inches is typically enough to cover the rhizomes in case they peek out during growth.


Turmeric contains compounds called curcumins, which have been studied for their medicinal purposes in both conventional and Ayurvedic medicines. Because of this, turmeric is often considered a great supplement to a healthy diet and exercise regimen. 

Seeding and Spacing

When planting the turmeric, plant them about 6 inches apart. With 10-16lbs per pound, this is approximately the space you will need for the different amounts of seed:

1lb will plant about 6 feet (with the first piece at the zero mark)

5lbs will plant about 30-35 row feet

10 pounds will plant about 60-65 row feet

15 pounds will plant about 90-100 row feet

30 pounds will plant about 180-200 row feet