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Hawaii Clean Seed Project

Research to provide clean organic ginger and turmeric seed to all mainland growers.

Cell to Sprout

Sprout to tiny Rhizome

Increase Rhizome Size

Propagate Rhizome

Seed for Customers

Our "Cell to Seed" process takes 4 to 5 years to produce the first seed for our customers. That first seed then produces more seed annually. What is critical to maintaining true clean seed is refreshing the strain every few years by starting over in the lab.


Puna Organics has been growing organic ginger for export longer than any other grower in the world.


Turmeric has been used in India for thousands of years and is a major part of Ayurvedic medicine.


For ya'll posh folks out yonder.

Growing Baby Ginger & Turmeric

Seed Arrives

Unpack your new box and spread out the contents in a clean and well ventilated place. Remember that ginger is tropical and enjoys the same temperature roughly that us humans do. Never let your ginger freeze or go below 50 degrees as damage begins to occur.

Cutting Seed

If you ordered cut ginger seed you can skip the cutting process. Your cuts should have the minimum amount of surface area, so cut the seed at the narrowest portions of the hand. You will also want to cut either up 1/4" from the next piece. You do not want your cuts to be flush at the same height because the ginger will shrink back a little when the wound dries out and heals. Cutting your own seed gives you the maximum amount of control and buys you some time in case you are not ready to plant right away. After you cut the seed it will need to cure for 4-7 days.


This seems to be the thing to do while you are waiting for temperatures to increase in your growing environment. Use standard nursery trays and new good quality soilless media for this process. We prefer coir. Put a 1/2" of growing media on the bottom and arrange seeds on top of this layer with approximately a finger width between ginger pieces, making sure the ginger is laying down flat. Cover light with just enough media to barely cover. It is alright if a little bit protrudes from media but just a little. Water until flats are evenly moist, do not over water.

You may add a high quality biological innoculant at this stage. Keep temperature at an even 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit day and night, with 75F being ideal. Remember ginger enjoys the same temperatures we humans do. After 2-3 weeks you will see sprouts breaking through the media. It is time to plant.


Ginger is a heavy feeder and it is important to add enough fertilizer to sustain it. A reasonably balanced fertilizer like composted chicken manure is usually sufficient for the start of a crop, but any good fertilizing program should work well. Remember that ginger is a heavy feeder and it needs the fertilizer to be readily available in close vicinity to it's root zone. It is always a good idea to have your soil tested by your local soil lab or extension office and take their recommendation for inputs. Ginger should not be planted in cold soil because temperatures less than 55-60 degrees will slow growth and development way down.

A soil test will give you the best idea of inputs you need to add. Pre-plant fertilizer- thoroughly mix in a balanced organic fertilizer into your beds. Pelleted chicken manure or a 5-5-5 product seems to work well. I can recommenced in general about a 1/2 pound per square foot of bed to start.If your soil or media already has high fertility then less will be required. We often use more. It is important to let product mellow in soil for a week or two before planting to reduce the risk of fertilizer burn.

Early growth

After shoots have emerged the plant will "get its footing" then slowly another shoot will emerge then another ect. Keep beds evenly moist but do not over water. The plants do not need it and they and you will only be washing away valuable fertilizer. Well fed healthy ginger grows exponentially once established.

Hilling is necessary when you see pink swelling at the base of the leaf stalks. You can add compost around the base of the plants or good quality clean soil. In field cultivation a high speed tiller throws soil from in between the rows on to the base of the plants covering up a few inches of the base of the leaf stalk. This is the ideal time to add fertilizer! By the time you see pink swelling the plant is feeding heavily. Burying the fertilizer puts it right where the plants can use it.

You may need to hill 2-3 times in a season. Always add at least a little fertilizer when you hill. Remember that the soil will settle after a little while.

What ginger likes

  • Even soil temperatures 65 degrees F is ideal
  • Even moisture, more in the heat of the day
  • Protection from intense sunlight...especially when it is young
  • High Humidity
  • Lots of fertilizer
  • Good vibes

What ginger dislikes

  • Cold soil temps especially below 50 degrees F
  • Wet waterlogged soil with no drainage
  • Hot soil temps...over 90 can stunt ginger quickly
  • intense midday sun but mature plants can tolerate this better as their leaf canopy provides them with shade.
  • Lack of fertilizer, this may be the number one problem most first time growers have. Not enough fertilizer.

Growing Turmeric (Cucurma longa)

  • Turmeric is easy to grow.
  • Drying seed pieces out after snapping seed down to size (see illustration) may aid in quicker sprouting.
  • Cool wet media and soil will delay sprouting.
  • Plant seed pieces 1-3" deep depending on climate conditions and your own personal style.
  • Planting deeper will lower average temperature of rhizome...good in hot weather, bad in cool/cold weather.
  • Fertilizer is important to achieve maximum yields with turmeric. Feed it a well balanced fertilizer often as it develops.
  • This is especially important after it has a couple feet of foliage.
  • Turmeric can handle a little higher temps than ginger can.
  • Rhizomes grow downward and out with turmeric so hilling with media or soil is only necessary once or twice.
  • Make sure you have provided room for the plants to grow downward.
  • Take advantage of hilling by adding generous amounts of fertilizer along with the media or soil as this will render the nutrients more available to the rapidly growing plant.
  • Keep media or soil evenly moist for best growth.
  • In containers plant seed at least 6 inches apart to allow for rhizome expansion. Also note distance from side of container as rhizomes will break pots or become malformed when the push against the sides.
  • If planting in rows rather than containers we generally space our seeds about 6-8 inches apart. If planting in beds then fill beds with seed spaced 6-12 inches apart.
  • Rhizomes develop more cucurmins the longer the growing cycle.


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