1. Browse varieties. If you have any specific questions we are happy to answer them, please use contact form.                                        Prices are displayed on each varieties page. 

2. Fill out order form completely. Submit. We will send a confirmation to email address you provide and invoice in about 1-2 weeks although it can take up to 3 weeks during the busiest times.  

3. Pay your invoice, due date is listed on the invoice. We accept checks and Credit cards if you request on order form. Easiest and cheapest for you is a direct transfer option, just requires the data from the bottom of your check. All online payments are made through Intuit (QB) software.  Payment from Canada, needs to be in US dollars.

4. Payments not made by due dates run the risk of order cancellation if not previously agreed to.

Shipping Process

1. Paid orders will be shipped FedEx 2 Day during time frame you selected on order form. We cannot ship to arrive on an exact date in most cases. 

2. FedEx may issue a shipping alert due to bad weather in your area....we try not to ship during these times. FedEx facilities are heated and material travels quickly to destination. Our rhizomes will can handle cool temps for the travel duration. For testing purposes we have put seed in the seed in fridge for a few weeks and it grows fine, however frozen ginger is ruined for planting.

3. You will be sent an email with your FedEx tracking # when your material ships via the email you provided.

4. You are responsible for tracking your package and making sure it doesn't get left outside in the cold.

5. Bring material inside and inspect. Please notify us immediately in the case we made any mistake packing your order so we can correct it as soon as possible. Material does fine in mesh bags it is packed in on a table with good air flow and temps between 60-75 F Please be aware also that rhizomes (especially cut) lose weight in transit and in low humidity environments. This will not affect how much material you can plant.  Material should ideally be planted within 2 weeks of arrival.