what you can't see...Microbes

Ginger Yields Better with High Populations of Beneficial Soil Microbes

Many Beneficial Microorganisms can help ginger absorb more nutrients and bring in a bigger harvest. There are products and supplements on the market which encourage the growth of these good bacteria and fungi in the soil (or soilless media) that your ginger is growing in. Supplements such as Actinovate, Contans and Trichoderma, as well as compost, compost tea and worm castings, can be very beneficial for boosting the microbial activity.

Not only does the extra microbial activity give the ginger growth a boost, but it also strengthens and protects the plant in tough or unexpected conditions. For example, ginger grown in soil or media with a healthy population of microorganisms has proven to fate better against heat, as well as keeping soil pathogens to a minimum during an extra rainy period.