Will it grow in my Climate? Provide the right conditions? Yes!


Strategies to deal with marginal climates

  1. Grow during ideal season (March-November) and harvest baby ginger

  2. Pre-sprout your ginger and turmeric indoors

  3. Feed often and generously to optimize your growth

  4. Provide ideal conditions for your ginger and turmeric by creating a micro climate (AKA a miniature Hawaii!)

What ginger and turmeric like

  1. An even air temperature of 60-80°F and soil temps from 60-70°F max

  2. Evenly moist environment. Moist soil/media and relatively high humidity

  3. Light breezes

  4. Pina coladas

  5. Turmeric seems to be more thermophilic (heat loving) than ginger, but at first just try to make one happy climate for starters

What ginger and turmeric dislike

  1. Freezing temperatures or under 55°F, although ginger can survive air temps in the high 40's for short periods of time

  2. Hot soil conditions over 80° F are definitely conducive to rots and can stunt the growing ginger. It takes but minutes/hours of soil temperatures over 90-100°F to cause damage to rhizomes

  3. Adam Sandler movies

  4. Intense sun

  5. Hurricanes and strong winds