Ordering is Open! Please read all information below First!

     We only sell edible material for consumption to California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and Canada.






Have a question? Here is some info about our ordering and shipping process:


We begin accepting orders on November 1st of each year. Shipping options are between the first two weeks of February and the last week of March. Everyone on the mailing list is notified when our inventory is updated and we start accepting orders. Orders are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis, however all existing customers have priority.



Upon receiving your order request we will review your order and either confirm or make suggestions based on our stock, availability or if we think we can offer you something better for your situation. We will also answer any questions you may have. You will receive an invoice within weeks of submitting your order.

*Managing our stock involves some serious algebraic equations, a very large computer and consultation from our spiritual master, so flexibility is appreciated greatly. That being said, we are committed to providing you with honest answers and service.


There is an extra charge for 2-4 pound orders

Pricing on 5 pounds and above includes shipping in the price of the product. However FedEX charges us a much higher rate per pound on smaller orders and we need to charge accordingly. There is an 25.00 extra charge for these orders. 


Domestic Orders 

- Shipped via FedEx 2-day Air

- You will receive an email with a tracking number from FedEx the day the package is shipped


Canada Orders

- Orders are an additional $4 per pound.

- Shipped via FedEx International Economy

- You will receive an email with a tracking number from FedEx the day the package is shipped

- You will need an import permit. You will also need to pay a customs duty and taxes to the Canadian Government.

- We only ship edible ginger for consumption to Canada.



Due to agricultural regulations all our ginger shipped to AZ, CA, LA, TX  and Canada is only uncut (whole-hand) edible ginger. We do not ship seed to these states or Canada. Our whole-hand edible ginger is the exact same quality as our cut seed ginger. Unfortunately we cannot ship Thai Tulips to AZ, CA, LA, TX  and Canada as this product is not edible.

All of our products are #1 quality and edible.  



After you receive your invoice please review it for accuracy. Payment options include:

- Direct bank transfer (the quickest and most preferred method of payment)

- Credit Card (a 3% surcharge is added)

- Physical Check (mailed in)

All payment is due before material is shipped. This includes checks that were mailed in - please mail your check at least two weeks before the New Year to ensure it arrives on time.  Please write your invoice # on your check or include a copy of the invoice.



If FedEx notifies us that delays are expected in your zone due to weather conditions, we will automatically hold your order. This is to prevent the risk of product freezing due to the possible extended transit in cold weather.

Shipping is FedEx 2 Day and is sent to a physical address only. Each order is shipped with an invoice, which we use to pack the order. You will automatically receive an email from FedEx as soon as the shipping label with your order is printed, which will have the tracking number for your order. Please go to FedEx.com to track your package and the delivery of your material. 



- Do not allow it to sit on the porch, in a shed, or any other cold place, but take it inside your home like you would a friend.

- Unpacking your seed onto racks will allow them to breathe, as well as provide a chance for you to thoroughly inspect your shipment.

- Ginger will lose moisture weight, especially when placed in an environment that has low humidity. Depending on conditions and timing, it is not uncommon for ginger to lose 5% in water weight. This does not affect the amount ginger you can plant.

- If you have any questions please notify us as soon as possible.