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Bubba Baba Ginger


(Zingiber officinale)

Our most reliable ginger for all climates.

Our tests reveal that Kali-ma and Bubba Blue are one and the same. Since Biker Dude was gifted this ginger by Baba himself (long before Dan re-collected it), we thought it would be appropriate to keep Baba's name on the strain. How we acquired the strain is quite an interesting tale.

Our Bubba Baba Blue Ginger is dense, compact, pungent and low in fibers — similar to our Hawaiian Yellow ginger although slightly bigger. The interior is beige in color, often with tinges of blue and purple in later stages of growth. The skin is a darker color than our other varieties. Young hands have pink scales that mature into a reddish glow.

We recommend making sure you have plenty of fertilizer with this one. It seems to suffer the most if starved, but when it is properly fed it can do amazing things!

For 2015-17 season this is the top performing variety.

Because of the lack of fiber and the pink tint inside, the flesh of young hands this would be my choice to make top quality pickled ginger.

This rare ginger is definitely my personal favorite for it's density and wonderful aroma.

Certified organic.


By the 30 lb. case – $277.50 per case. Over 30 lbs. @ $9.25/lb 

5 lb. increments – $48.75 (15 lb minimum total order quantity) @ $9.75/lb.

1 lb. increments – $17.50 


**If total order weight is under 15 pounds then an extra small box shipping fee applies. Please see order form.

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11Bubba blue.jpg
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