Thai Tulips


Cucurma alisimatifolia AKA Siam Tulip

Usually we dig stuff to put in your mouth but these flowers are truly a feast for the eyes.
Bring exotic Thai super flowers into your life.

Truly spectacular flowers have easy growth and flowering. While it has some cold tolerance beyond the abilities of ginger, it will not overwinter in northern climates. These tulips are grown in mass in Holland as a cut flower and potted plant in greenhouses.

Thai Tulips have shown very good growth in Northern states. The plant enjoys rich organic soil and even moisture, not unlike its cousin, edible ginger. We have been testing them here in Hawaii and in the mainland USA, and they perform well throughout fluctuating conditions.

Like for most tender flowers, a spray program is recommend to get the best quality of flowers. This is especially important in wetter climates. The rhizome is provided with storage roots which translate into quick flowering and growth.

Here in Hawaii, the plants flower in about 45-65 days from shoot initiation.
Vase life on flowers varies, depending on cultivar, from 1 to 2 weeks.

While there's not so much fragrance, a bundle of them does emit a fresh spicy "aura."
Never heard of anyone trying to eat these so don't try it.
On our end it takes a good amount of labor to properly prepare roots for shipment due to their structure.
Unfortunately due their status as non-food items, unlike our edible and medicinal collections, we can not ship flowers to CA, TX, AZ, LA.


Growing Instructions

Unpack bulbs onto newspaper if not planting right away.

Prepare rich fluffy soil or media.

Plant with storage roots down (several of these will be attached to actual rhizome. No need to cut or break them further.)

Storage roots should be slightly spread out in soil.

Fill in around storage roots and the rhizome from which the storage roots grow from.

Rhizome portion should sit 1-2" below soil.

A single bulb can be grown in 1-2 gallons of soil but 4 bulbs in a 8-10 gallon pot do really well.

Spacing between bulbs should be at least 6".

Feed and water regularly.


10 bulbs for $20.00

70 bulbs for $100.00

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